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Winners of our Breakaway DeLuxe!! Monday, 28 October 2019
Congrats to all those winners!
Your prizes are added to your accounts.

1st Prize: €500 - fransisca (BC)
2nd Prize: €200- peterbis (BC)
3rd Prize: €150 - ans32 (BC)
4th Prize: €100 - egtdom (BC)
5th Prize: €50 - trmeijer (SB)

Plus the €50 prize draw winners are:

Ziza99 (SB)
mutsje6 (BC)
conny45 (SB)
ladybingo31 (SB)
paco72 (BC)
tiny1957 (SB)
montana (SB)
lalisang (BC)
dies54 (SB)
3011frank (BC)
magret62 (BC)
debbiekel (SB)
d-aanii (BC)
martine31 (BC)
itsme1969 (BC)
josepuck (BC)
domhynder (BC)
knuppy (BC)
li6da (BC)
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