Loyalty Program

Here at ShinyBingo we think we have the best bingo loyalty program you’ve ever seen! There are 90 levels where you can earn rewards and 10 statuses for you to show your true colour.

How does it work?

You collect experience points (XP) on all balance cash spent on
bingo. For each 1 euro cash you spend on bingo we award you
with 1 XP point. The more XP points you get the more
rewards you can gain!

Once you complete a level you get rewarded with our
fabulous Gold Coins and of course all of the features below!
Gold Coins can then be traded in our shop for Bonus to play
on Bingo.

What can I earn?

How do I track my progress?

You can easily track your progress through our Loyalty levels on any page when you are logged into your account. The 'Your Loyalty Status' display on the left hand menu shows your current gold coin balance, your current status level and colour, as well as how many XPs you need to reach the next level. You can see where you have earned your XPs in your 'Bet History' table on the 'Games Played' page.

How many XP's do I need per level?

Each time you level up you will be told how many XP points you need until the next level. You can view this from the XP meter in the left hand menu when you are logged in.

How many Gold Coins do I earn per level?

This varies per level but the higher the level you reach, the higher the amount of Gold Coins you earn! You can view how many gold coins are available at the next level by holding your mouse over the 'Question Mark' next to your status bar indicator underneath 'Your Loyalty Status' in the left hand display.

Start playing bingo and earning XP points now!

* XPs are not given on wagering with your bonus meter
* XPs are only given in games where at least 5 players have purchased cards.

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