ShinyBingo Community

At ShinyBingo we offer a wide range of communication options to enhance your playing experience.

Public Chat

Players can enter messages that will be displayed to the entire bingo room by typing in the chat box at the bottom of the page. The Public Chat box is used for chatting to all players present in the room as well as playing any available chat games at the time.

Bingo Room Chat Options

The Public Chat area is the large rectangular section in the centre of the screen and will contain all messages typed by players in the room as well as our Chat Host. At the top of the public chat window you can see the room name and the number of players online. You will also see a tick box that you can select, to automatically decline any private chat requests.

On the right of the screen you will see a list of other players in the room, if you click on the plus sign next to a username you will see various options relating to that player such as: ‘Add as buddy’, ‘Block user’, ‘Start Private Chat’ and ‘Report abuse’.

Adding Players To Your 'Buddy-List'

ShinyBingo allows you to create your own ‘buddy list’ so that you can easily see if your friends are online and start private chats with them. Just click on the plus sign next to their username and select ‘Add as buddy’.

Blocking Users

ShinyBingo allows you to block any unwanted private chat requests. By clicking on ‘block user’ button, you will automatically decline any private chat requests from that particular player. If you wish to report a player’s behaviour to us then please use the report abuse feature detailed below.

Reporting Misbehaviour

If you notice any misbehaviour or breaches of our conduct rules by another player, you can report them anonymously by clicking on ‘report abuse’. If there is no chat host present in the room, the report will be sent directly to ShinyBingo player support. ShinyBingo takes all statements seriously and will act promptly and appropriately to all reports received.


Add a smiley to your text by clicking the yellow smiley face next to the public chat text box.

Private Chat

You can request to start a private chat with another player by clicking the plus sign next to their name and selecting ‘Start private chat’. They will receive a notification with this request. If they accept then the private chat will begin. You can have up to 3 private chat conversations at any one time.

The Private Chat Window

The private chat window consists of the following parts: the live chat window, the conversation window in the centre, the tab pages of the users with whom you are having a private chat, the text field and the profile window.

The live chat window is located to the left of the private chat window. If your chat partner has an active webcam, their live stream will be displayed on that box. Otherwise, a small rectangular button will be displayed.

The conversation window displays all sent and received messages and is shown in the centre of the private chat window.

You can have private chats with up to 3 players at the same time. You can switch between the active private chats with different players by clicking on their usernames on the tabs located along the bottom of the conversation window. Each tab will have the player’s username to make it easy to find a certain player.

Below the user tab pages, you will find the text field where you can enter your messages.

You can click on any player’s username to bring up other options. By selecting ‘remove from chat’ you will end the current private chat conversation with them. If you select ‘block user’ you can ensure any requests or messages from that particular user are not received. ‘Add as buddy’ will allow you to add a player to your friends list and make it easier to communicate with them whilst you are in different rooms. The ‘Report abuse’ option can be used when a player has broken any of the ShinyBingo chat rules.

The profile button can be found on the far right of the private chat window. By clicking on this, you will be able to view the profile of the player with whom you are chatting.

Using Your Webcam

ShinyBingo allows you to use your webcam to see other players whilst private chatting. Your webcam image will only be displayed to users that you are currently private chatting with.

In order to activate your webcam, just click on the ‘Activate Webcam’ button located in the top right corner of the room. A window will then appear in the centre of the screen with your live webcam stream where you will be able to confirm activation of your webcam.

You may also receive an Adobe Flash Player security window asking whether you would like to allow ShinyBingo to access your webcam. You can accept this by checking the circle marked ‘allow’ and then ‘close’.

You can then close the webcam window by clicking on the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the window. You will then be able to see your live webcam stream in the small windows where the activate webcam button used to be.

Turning Off Your Webcam

You can deactivate your webcam by clicking on the image of your live webcam stream on the far right of the screen. The webcam window will open again and you will then have the option to turn your webcam off. If your webcam is active, your live stream will be shown in the centre of the webcam window. If not, a webcam icon will be shown.

The Adobe Flash Player security window may also appear again, in which case you would just have to select ‘don’t allow’ and click close.

Your Avatar

Customise your ShinyBingo Account by selecting your very own Avatar. Choose from our extensive library or create your own Avatar using your webcam and our fun editing tools. Select the ‘profile’ tab on the left hand side of the bingo application to add/amend your avatar.

Your Motto

Let your ShinyBingo friends know how you are feeling by adding a personal motto. This will be displayed to the room as part of your profile. The great thing is that you can change your motto at anytime. Select the ‘profile’ tab on the left hand side of the bingo application to add/amend your motto.

ShinyBingo Chat Hosts

ShinyBingo has a number of different chat hosts who are there to help players as well as keeping the atmosphere fun and friendly by applying our chat room rules. If a player breaks our rules then our hosts can warn that player or remove them from the site.

ShinyBingo Chat Rules:

Our chat room rules apply to all private and public chat functions on our platform. Any player who fails to comply with these rules may be prevented from future play at ShinyBingo:

* Using inappropriate, abusive, racist or foul language in the bingo chat rooms or joining inappropriate conversations is not allowed.

* Flooding (filling the bingo chat room with messages) is not permitted.

* Players are not allowed to disturb or harass others. This extends to trying to influences the playing behaviour of others.

* Broadcasting inappropriate images or asking others to broadcast inappropriate images is strictly forbidden by ShinyBingo.

* Participating in or inciting arguments is forbidden.

* Username and images used as avatars must be appropriate, if ShinyBingo deems an image or username to be offensive, crude, or inappropriate, we will block that user from the bingo game.

* The use of abusive and offensive language in a player's motto is not allowed, negative statements against ShinyBingo are also not permitted.

* Players are required to respect the decisions of the ShinyBingo chat hosts at all times.

* Players are required to contact the ShinyBingo helpdesk with complaints, and are not permitted to voice such grievances in the chat rooms.

* Players are not allowed to advertise other websites or companies this includes mentioning other bingo websites.

* In general, any racist, offensive and sexually explicit statements or images are a cause for an immediate and permanent block from the ShinyBingo.

We've updated our Privacy & Cookie policy to provide more information as requested by new EU privacy laws.